Regent Supply Introduces 4 New Product Vendors

Regent Supply is excited to announce the addition of four new product lines which allows us to maintain the standards of excellence required by our customers. New equipment and products will help our customers continue providing the best services available. We strive to provide the most innovative and newest technology available on the market to support cleaner, healthier, safer, and beautiful facilities. Our goal is to supply superior products and training for the most sufficient methods in today's market. Call or visit a Regent Supply representative today for more information about our products and equipment. 

BobrickBobrick is a 100+ year-old global washroom accessory and partition company headquartered in North Hollywood, CA with six manufacturing divisions across the United States and Canada and business operations that extend into 85 markets worldwide.  A leader in product innovation and manufacturing, Bobrick prides itself as a company that delivers best-in-class products and service, while fostering an environment of collaboration and continuous learning.  


The Onyx Environmental Solutions floor care division manufactures a complete line of propane powered floor burnishing, stripping and polishing equipment.  This division is led by the Hahne family and the management and floor care team members possess over 300 years of experience in the floor care industry.  OnyxTheir collaborative approach to the innovation of new products and floor care solutions has propelled the company forward and their solid growth continues each year.  With new floor materials being used in the construction of new buildings and in the renovation of existing commercial real estate, the demand for new and innovative approaches to floor care maintenance has evolved.  Onyx has spent considerable time and resources to address this need, which has resulted in creating new, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient floor care maintenance solutions for the industry. Not only does Onyx offer the best quality in propane powered floor equipment, but also offers the best diamond impregnated floor pads and environmentally friendly chemicals.  With these turnkey solutions, Onyx remains dedicated to offering floor maintenance solutions that save the customer time and money.

WerkMasterWerkMaster™  pioneered Octi-Disc™ Technologyin 2005.  WerkMaster™ floor refinishing machines were initially manufactured to polish Absolute Black granite, one of the hardest stones to polish. Realizing a need for a machine that could also grind and polish Terrazzo and Concrete, as well as being able to refinish Hardwood and VCT tile floors, the original machine was completely redesigned. WerkMaster's patented 8 Head Octi-Disc™ Technology grinds, edges, polishes, buffs, burnishes or sands and screens surfaces to within 1/8" or 3 mm of a wall or cabinet kick. The advantage of a WerkMaster is that one machine can outperform today's competitor''s technology on any hard surface on floors, stairs or countertops. And now with the new Scarab, you can do stair risers and walls as well!

FalconFalcon Waterfree Technologies was formed with a vision: to promote conservation of the Earth's precious supply of fresh water and support sustainable resource management by becoming the leading waterless urinal system provider in the world.

For over ten years and with hundreds of thousands of urinals in operation, Falcon has led the way for sustainability in washrooms. Since then, acceptance and interest in waterless urinal systems has grown as the world's leadership has adopted a greater sense of urgency about finding solutions for a future where fresh water may be less available and certainly more costly. The touch free Falcon Waterfree system uses no energy and has no moving parts that can break down. End users save water and sewer costs, reduce electricity usage and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while improving hygiene. Most importantly, Falcon Waterfree urinals do not unnecessarily waste our fresh water supply. Falcon Waterfree urinals are odorless and research has demonstrated that the Falcon urinal has five times less bacteria than the average flush or low flush urinal and is virtually maintenance free except for a normal spray cleaning by the janitorial staff.